Refresh / Claim Completion Queue

The API / indexer makes use of a load-balanced refresh queue system whenever we need to fetch anything from a source URI (metadata, off-chain balances, etc). Because this is a queue-based system, certain metadata may take awhile to fully load and populate. Once we fetch the metadata, we cache it and return the fetched values until it is refreshed again.

When do we trigger refreshes?

Refreshes are triggered automatically when certain things occur on-chain, such as a collection is created / URI is changed. You can also manually trigger refreshes (note there are cooldown limits in place to prevent spam) to refresh the cached values via the refresh endpoints.

What happens if the fetch fails?

See Restrictions / Limits. We implement an exponential retry system.

Off-Chain Balances

Note that for off-chain balances, we also throw an error if the fetched balances exceed the total supply of badges defined on-chain (i.e. you are trying to allocate more badges than you should).

Checking Status

If you are having issues, you can check the BitBadges collection page on site -> Actions -> Refresh for statuses. Or, if you need a programmatic solution, you can use following route to see its status and see if it has any error docs.

await BitBadgesApi.getRefreshStatus()

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