As you may have noticed, many of the collection fields are timeline-based, meaning they can be scheduled to have different values at different times. Check out the Timeline helpers from bitbadgesjs-sd in the SDK.


If you are using the BitBadgesCollection interface, this is achievable simply with the helper functions. There is one for every timeline.

const manager = collection.getManager() //Can pass in a time too (defaults to now)

Or, you can do it manually

const manager = getCurrentValuesForCollection(collection).manager;
const manager = getValuesAtTimeForCollection(collection, Date.now() + 1000 * 60).manager;

You can also get all possible values for timelines as such. This will set all missing times with empty or default values.

function getFullManagerTimeline(timeline: ManagerTimeline<bigint>[]): ManagerTimeline<bigint>[]
function getFullCollectionMetadataTimeline(timeline: CollectionMetadataTimeline<bigint>[]): CollectionMetadataTimeline<bigint>[]

And so on for all other timelines.

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