🎨Use Cases

Because you can create a badge for anything, there are infinitely many possible use cases for BitBadges! Below are some of our favorite ideas for potential use cases.

You can also browse featured badges at https://bitbadges.io/browse.

Badge Use Cases

  • Authentication / Tiered Services - Most products' infrastructure simply consists of authentication + tiered services. These products can outsource their authentication (see Authenticating with Badges) and verify ownership through tiered services badges (family plan badge vs normal user badge, API key badge). Much cheaper, more secure, and less work!

  • Attendance Badges - Mint an attendance badge as a souvenir!

  • Truth Badges - Badges become the source of truth for scams, deep fakes, and more. For example, in a world of artificial intelligence, badges can be used to verify the root truth of some statement or thing.

  • Memberships/Subscriptions/Access Tokens - Badges can define expiration dates, so you can offer a limited time membership for anything from a gym membership to a Spotify subscription. Proof of ownership is easily done through our public API.

  • Premium Content - Premium content can be offered only to badge holders.

  • Decentralized Verification - Multiple verification services can give out verification badges, and you can choose which person/entity to get your verification ticks from. Or, verification can be more fine-grained and each entity / company can assign badges to their own registered employees / community.

  • Security and Safety - Maybe a badge is assigned to every address who's private keys are compromised. Apps can then refuse service to such addresses.

  • Cross-Chain Protocols - Implement a cross-chain follow, messaging, social media, etc protocols where every post, message, item is a badge being transferred / minted. For example, see the BitBadges Multi-Chain Follow Protocol.

  • Visual Block Explorers: Query on-chain activity in a visual way with badges. For example, to see when a user's first blockchain transaction was, see which badge they own (OG 2015 User vs OG 2023 User, etc.)

  • Recognition of Achievement or Completion - Job certifications, awards, athletic accomplishments, etc.

  • E-Learning - Gamify the learning experience through learning badges

  • University Diplomas - Universities can offer verifiable diplomas to students as a badge.

  • Publications - Verify you are the author of a publication

  • Real Estate - Custom encrypted title ownership, HOAs, and even MLS documents registered through the blockchain

  • Praise / Vouch Badges - Praise, recommend, or vouch for something or someone/

  • And more!

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