Address Lists

AddressLists are the base type for lists. The BitBadgesAddressList class you see returned from the API extends this. Learn more about lists in the core concepts.

const list = new AddressList({
  addresses: ['cosmos1hsk6jryyqjfhp5g4g7j0qldj9nqdj0qc02fgmh'],
  whitelist: true,
  customData: '',
  uri: '',
  createdBy: 'cosmos1hsk6jryyqjfhp5g4g7j0qldj9nqdj0qc02fgmh',
  listId: 'abc123',

const isInList = list.checkAddress('cosmos1hsk6jryyqjfhp5g4g7j0qldj9nqdj0qc02fgmh') // true
const invertedList = list.toInverted()
const isInListNow = invertedList.checkAddress('cosmos1hsk6jryyqjfhp5g4g7j0qldj9nqdj0qc02fgmh') // false

const isEmpty = list.isEmpty()

const MintList = AddressList.Reserved('MintList')
const All = AddressList.AllAddresses();

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