🧠Core Concepts

Before developing with BitBadges, we strongly recommend you read through the pages in this section to understand the behind the scenes of BitBadges.

Also if you haven't already, read the How It Works section for understanding the core concepts of badges and badge collections.

This section also assumes you have a basic understanding of blockchains and Cosmos SDK. We will do our best to explain where there is a possibility for confusion.

Can't find what you are looking for?

Although we try to provide in-depth tutorials and examples in this documentation, we may have not covered everything, or some things may be confusing. Feel free to check out the source code directly at https://github.com/bitbadges. The BitBadges website and indexer / API code has implemented and used everything outlined in this section.

If you do come across something not in the docs or something could be improved, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact us to get it added or create a tutorial!

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