Authentication-Based Plugins

Plugin IDs: twitter, github, discord, google, email

These plugins restrict the number of times specific users from different social platforms can use the claim.

Usernames vs IDs

We differentiate by account IDs (should be constant) and usernames for display purposes / ease of use.

Private Lists

The user list is only allowed to be private. You may consider hosting the list on your end, so users know if they can claim or not.

Public Parameters

  • maxUsesPerUser: The maximum number of uses allowed per user.

Private Parameters

If both are left blank, we do not check any whitelist restrictions.

  • usernames: An optional list of whitelisted usernames who are allowed to claim.

  • ids: An optional list of whitelisted user IDs who are allowed to claim.


State is maintained by tracking the number of claims each user makes. It keeps a record of user IDs and usernames.

  "ids": {
    "user_id": 1
  "usernames": {
    "username": "user_id"

Default State

The default state of the plugin is defined as follows:

  "ids": {},
  "usernames": {}

Public State

State is not made public to users.

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