Plugin ID: codes

This plugin manages a code challenge, where users must provide a valid one-time-use code to claim. Note that codes are assigned a zero-based index and we keep track of which indices have been used. This allows for the code to be rotated and consistency with on-chain approvals. Thus, note that the

Public Parameters

  • numCodes: The total number of codes that can be generated or used. Unless in edge cases, this should match the total possible number of claims.

Private Parameters

  • codes: An array of valid codes that users can provide.

  • seedCode: A seed used to generate a list of valid codes.


State is maintained by tracking which codes have been used.

  "usedCodeIndices": {
    "0": 1,
    "1": 1

Default State

The default state of the plugin is defined as follows:

  "usedCodeIndices": {}

Public State

State is made public as-is, showing the indices of used codes.

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