Everything is open-sourced and can be found at Contributions to the core source code are greatly appreciated.
Additionally, you can contribute by building on top of BitBadges. This can be anything from a dApp (decentralized application) to a developer tool to your own frontend for badges! If you do, reach out to us, so we can add it to Ecosystem.
Rewarding Developers
In the future, we plan to host hackathons, bug bounties, and setup a developer funding pool where developers are rewarded for contributing and building with BitBadges.
Improvement Proposals
The official BitBadges improvement proposals repository can be found at
Bug Bounties
Below are some ideas for community distribution and verification tools that need to be built, and we are willing to provide compensation for. Reach out if interested
Discord Badge-Gating - Gate servers, channels, etc to only specific badge holders
Discord / Twitter Bot - Bot that posts for every badge mint, transfer, etc
Privacy-Preserving / ZK Verification - Given an address list or list of balances, enable a user to prove that they own the badge without revealing their usernames.
Let us know if you have another idea and how we can help.