To update approvals, you can use MsgUpdateUserApprovals. Upon genesis, every user's approval store and permissions will be the defaults specified by the collection.

From there, they can be updated according to the permissions set (i.e. the userPermissions previously set). Users can only update thier own approvals.

We use an update flag + new value format. If the update flag is true, we will update it to the new value. If it is false, we do not update and ignore the value in the Msg and keep what was previously set.

export interface MsgUpdateUserApprovals<T extends NumberType> {
  creator: string
  collectionId: T
  updateOutgoingApprovals?: boolean
  outgoingApprovals?: UserOutgoingApproval<T>[]
  updateIncomingApprovals?: boolean
  incomingApprovals?: UserIncomingApproval<T>[]
  updateAutoApproveSelfInitiatedOutgoingTransfers?: boolean
  autoApproveSelfInitiatedOutgoingTransfers?: boolean
  updateAutoApproveSelfInitiatedIncomingTransfers?: boolean
  autoApproveSelfInitiatedIncomingTransfers?: boolean
  updateUserPermissions?: boolean
  userPermissions?: UserPermissions<T>

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