Betanet vs Mainnet

In order to allow us to ship a great product and receive feedback, we have launched a betanet version of BitBadges to test features and ship fast. In betanet, profiles and badges are real and can be migrated to mainnet. However, $BADGE is completely subsidized and free. Every user will receive 1000 $BADGE upon launch from a faucet which should be plenty to test.
Betanet has currently started.
Mainnet start date is TBD.

Betanet vs Mainnet

For both betanet and mainnet, we focus on badges only (i.e. tokens with no value). We plan to leave valuable tokens (digital collectibles) to users' respective ecosystems. Our token, $BADGE, will only be allowed to be used for gas fees and governance.


This test period will be indefinite and subsidized to users at no cost. As an incentive, betanet users, testers, and validators will receive a greater allocation of airdrop tokens ($BADGE) when we launch the mainnet. Moreover, we will provide users with the option to migrate anything they have (minus $BADGE) on the betanet over to the mainnet, free of charge.
The betanet chain will become a testnet, upon mainnet launch.


Tokenomics and airdrop allocations TBD.