Aliases are random unusable addresses from some seed randomness. They are slightly longer than traditional Cosmos addresses and have no corresponding private key. These are the same as the aliasAddress field returned from the API collections and accounts.

See below for how we generate badge, collection, and list aliases.

const badgeAlias = generateAlias('badges', getAliasDerivationKeysForBadge(1n, 10000n))
const collectionAlias = generateAlias('collections', getAliasDerivationKeysForCollection(1n))
const listAlias = generateAlias('lists', getAliasDerivationKeysForCollection(1n))
// cosmos1u4xn6kst47y2hgl3532emz5dlg93te3dhdqsgwucpxu560u8zflqk7f6qm

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