BitBadges Follow Protocol

The BitBadges multi-chain follow protocol is an extension of the BitBadges platform, designed to enable users to follow one another across different blockchain networks. This protocol allows for seamless cross-chain following, allowing an Ethereum user to follow a Solana user and vice versa.

In this system, all follow actions are represented as unique badges stored on the blockchain. For instance, if you possess a follow badge created by a user named Bob, it signifies that Bob is following you. This approach abstracts the concept of following on the blockchain, making it interoperable across various blockchain ecosystems and providing users with a standardized way to establish and showcase their followers.

What is really cool about the BitBadges follow protocol is that decentralization is optional. If you want to go ahead and do everything on-chain, you can make your collection with standard on-chain balances. However, we envision that most users will use the off-chain balances feature, eliminating the need for constant on-chain interactions when following or unfollowing others. In fact, they can be facilitated off-chain in one click at no cost!

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