Signing - Cosmos

Follow the prior pages to generate the context and payloads.

Signing with Keplr

const signTxn = async (context: TxContext, payload: TransactionPayload, simulate: boolean) => {
  if (!account) {
    throw new Error('Account does not exist');
  const { sender } = context;
  await window.keplr?.enable(chainId);

  let signatures = [new Uint8Array(Buffer.from('0x', 'hex'))];
  if (!simulate) {
    const signResponse = await window?.keplr?.signDirect(
        bodyBytes: payload.signDirect.body.toBinary(),
        authInfoBytes: payload.signDirect.authInfo.toBinary(),
        chainId: chainId,
        accountNumber: new Long(sender.accountNumber)
        preferNoSetFee: true

    if (!signResponse) {
      throw new Error('No signature returned from Keplr');

    signatures = [new Uint8Array(Buffer.from(signResponse.signature.signature, 'base64'))];

  const hexSig = Buffer.from(signatures[0]).toString('hex');

  const txBody = createTxBroadcastBody(context, payload, hexSig);
  return txBody;

See for full snippet. Or, the quickstart has it already implemted for you.


This will leave you with a variable which is to be submitted to a running blockchain node. See Broadcast to a Node.

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