Storing all possible data that may be needed for a project directly on the blockchain, such as all activity or metadata, would get expensive very quickly. Enter the BitBadges indexer!

The BitBadges indexer runs in tandem with a blockchain node and is customizable to store and serve any data that a project may need via an Express.js API. This is what is used for the official BitBadges API.

GitHub: https://github.com/bitbadges/bitbadges-indexer

How It Works

Every block, the indexer will query the latest transactions added to the blockchain and index the data in a customizable manner.

For example, if a new MsgTransferBadge transaction is observed, the indexer can add this to an activity array stored for that user. All activity for a specific user can then be easily fetched via the Express.js API. This makes certain data easily accessible and queryable, even though it isn't stored like that on the blockchain.

Running Your Own Indexer vs Using the BitBadges API

The indexer code is open-source, so feel free to run your own indexer and customize it as needed for your project. See Indexer.

However, we run an official BitBadges Indexer and API which should provide access to the necessary data required for most projects. See API for the data provided by the BitBadges API.

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