Each badge and collection will have its own metadata, where it can specify details about it such as name, description, image, and category.

This metadata can be stored directly on the blockchain but is typically stored via another method to save blockchain resources. For the BitBadges website, we store via IPFS.

Default Metadata Standard

The metadata details depend on the type of badge collection or Standard that the collection implements. The default metadata standard we use is the following:

Name (required): Name of the collection or badge

Description (required): Description of the collection or badge

Image (required): A URL that points to the image to be displayed. Images will be displayed with rounded corners. We display them with a maximum size of 300 x 300 on the BitBadges website. Images are also used for all avatar icons. We recommend 512 x 512 at a minimum, however.

Video: A URL that points to a video to be displayed. Videos can either be a valid video file (e.g. .mp4) or a YouTube embed link (i.e. should have /embed/... in it). Videos are only viewable upon viewing the "main" page. We will use the required image as an avatar icon in other places. For non-YouTube video files, we use the image as a thumbnail as well (YouTube videos have their own thumbnails).

Website: A custom URL / website that will be hyperlinked.

Category: Specify a category to make the collection / badges more searchable

Tags: Keywords to make the metadata more searchable.

Socials: Provide socials links (Discord, Telegram, etc)

For Developers

Visit here for more details.

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