Msg Examples

For more examples about how the interface works, check the resources below. Feel free to reach out if any questions.


  • You can see transactions directly by querying the blockchain. Via the BitBadges site:

    • Visit the Update History tab for seeing all MsgUpdateCollection transactions.

    • For MsgTransferBadges, go to the transfer activity -> see transaction. Note it must be an on-chain balances collection.

    • For approvals, go to a user's approvals on the Approvals tab -> Update History tab.

  • You can also play around with the JSON feature on the Mint timeline form on the BitBadges site. On the final step, you can click see JSON to see what it looks like behind the scenes.

  • You can also use for a custom transaction builder.

  • Visit here for a list of Msgs that are used for bootstrapping a development chain in our indexer.

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