Running an Indexer

If you want to run your own indexer and API, check out the source code at

The indexer is split into two main parts: the poller and the API. The poller fetches the latest block from a connected node every second and updates the MongoDB database accordingly. The API is an Express.js API that makes the indexed data queryable to users.

Although you can query other blockchain nodes, it is strongly recommended that you run your own node and query that. HTTP requests can reach >100 per second.

Running from Scratch

  1. Install and setup MongoDB

  2. Setup a valid .env file. See environment.d.ts below for the expected format of the .env file.

  3. Use npm run setup to setup the CouchDB databases. Note that you can run npm run setup with-delete to restart all indexer databases from scratch.

  4. Use npm run indexer-dev to start in development mode.

  5. Use npm run build and npm run indexer to start in production mode.

Running with Docker


Customization Options (.env file)

Below are the supported customization options. Some may be applicable. Some may not.

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