Address Surveys w/ Custom Logic

Pre-Readings: Distribution

The BitBadges site natively allows you to create a address collection survey where users can add their address to a list, given a unique link. This is useful for collecting addresses at an in-person event. See the pre-reading for more information.

However, the native integration only supports storing the addresses as a list on the BitBadges servers. Sometimes, you may want something more customizable than that. For example, you may want to send a claim alert with a unique claim code every time a user enters an address to the survey or update your private database.

You can either implement your own survey, or if you want to still use the BitBadges interface, we allow you to pass in the following URL query params to

const { description, callbackRequired } = router.query;
if (window.opener && callbackRequired) {
    window.opener.postMessage({ type: 'address', address: selectedUser }, "*");

description is simply a helper message that will be displayed to the user.

callbackRequired being a truthy value means that we will send a window message back to the site that directed the user here with the inputted address specified.

For example, on your site, you may direct them to the /addresscollector site via the first coede block and listen for messages as shown in the second code block.

const childWindow =, '_blank', 'width=500,height=600');

// You can further customize the child window as needed
const handleChildWindowMessage = (event: MessageEvent) => {
  if (event.origin === FRONTEND_URL) {
    const dataFromChildWindow =;

    // Check if the message contains the QR code data
    if (dataFromChildWindow.address) {
      //You now have access to the entered address
      //TODO: Implement your custom logic

// Add a listener to handle messages from the child window
useEffect(() => {
  window.addEventListener('message', handleChildWindowMessage);

  // Cleanup the listener when the component unmounts
  return () => {
    window.removeEventListener('message', handleChildWindowMessage);
}, []);

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